The objective of the Lands and Surveys Department is to implement Government's policies through effective land management system, in compliance with the needs, aims and vision of the State Government, Federal Government and their Statutory Bodies to fully and optimally utilise land in the State for :

  • the socio-economic benefit of the people.
  • eradication of poverty through strategic distribution / alienation of ownership to land.
  • balances developments and conservation of natural resources such that it could be enjoyed by all.


  • Alienation of State Land under the Land Ordinance Cap. 68 and other ordinances in compliance with the Government Policies to individuals, departments and agencies.
  • Preparation and registration of all new titles and land dealings.
  • Enforcement of the relevant sections of the Land Ordinance to ensure that the terms and conditions set forth on the titles and offers are being fulfilled and to eradicate idle land.
  • Carry out land enquiries to resolve land disputes.
  • Issuance of Subsidiary titles for the subdivision of buildings.
  • Land valuation for the purposes of alienation, acquisition (Land Acquisition OrdinanceCap 69), rating, taxation, conversion of land uses and reconciliation of the Land Acquisition Trust Account for the State and Federal Governments.
  • Implementation of Smallholders and Pre-planned Schemes for the landless and people with uneconomic holdings.
  • Processing of applications for extension of terms, conversion of titles' conditions, subdivision and amalgamation.
  • Processing and issuance of prospecting permits, licences, mining leases and quarry licences.
  • Collection of Land Revenue, in particular the recovery of outstanding quit rent.
  • Provision of training for the staff of government departments and private sectors in the fields of surveying, survey computation and land administration.
  • Management of the Lands and Surveys Department Technical library.
  • Surveys of land applications (N.T./F.R. status), particularly customary rights and resurvey for the purpose of acquisition within the government projects. Monitoring of surveys of land applications (C.L./P.L. status), subdivision, privatisation projects by Licensed Surveyors.
  • Establishment and maintenance of the control stations throughout the State for the purpose of cadastral surveys.
  • Aerial photography and mapping covering the whole of the State for the preparation of land development maps.
  • Storage of plans, maps and documents of the Department.
  • Preparation of plans for Government Gazette.
  • Management and maintenance of Land Title Information System, Cadastral Information System and Land Use Information System to support Sabah Land Information System (SALIS) in conformance to Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) standard.
  • Monitoring of land development patterns with Land Cover Maps (Remote Sensing SAR technology).
  • Involvement and contribution in Malaysia Plans in providing sites and basic data in the form of maps and plans to implement development projects.
  • Assist the Topography Department in the demarcation survey of the International boundaries of Malaysia-Indonesia (Sabah / East Kalimantan).